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Find freedom by finding your purpose

You can't feel free by doing more and more. Find what really matters instead.

Own your life

In the process, you'll save time, money and your sanity. If you're lucky, you might even live a bit longer.

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The six parts of self-esteem (and how to build them)

For a long time, I thought self-esteem was just something that happened to you. I was wrong.

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A practical definition of love

It’s a simple way to understand something vital (but murky).

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How to keep going (when the world feels fucked)

Inner peace can help you find strength in hard times. Here's how you can build it over time.

5 people push a carriage bogged in mud while 7 people sit atop said carriage.
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Love and chunder: how to reframe bad times

Reframing bad times can help get you through them – even if those bad times are coming out of you.

A unwell woman lying in the lap of a person dressed in black, who's holding a bowl of soup.
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Figuring out who you are using stuff won't work

Consumerism is fun, sure, but it won’t help you define yourself. (And your self isn’t even real.)

A packed shopping centre, filled with people buying stuff and people filling bags.