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Cory Zanoni

Writer, teacher, tired.

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The 4 parts of clear thinking

Thinking clearly is difficult. But these four things help you get better at it.

A print of someone walking through a picturesque England garden on a clear day.
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How to keep going (when the world feels fucked)

Inner peace can help you find strength in hard times. Here's how you can build it over time.

5 people push a carriage bogged in mud while 7 people sit atop said carriage.
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Love and chunder: how to reframe bad times

Reframing bad times can help get you through them – even if those bad times are coming out of you.

A unwell woman lying in the lap of a person dressed in black, who's holding a bowl of soup.
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Figuring out who you are using stuff won't work

Consumerism is fun, sure, but it won’t help you define yourself. (And your self isn’t even real.)

A packed shopping centre, filled with people buying stuff and people filling bags.
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Changing your life takes more than just ideas

You're built by attention and action – not just what you tell yourself.

A ponderous person, resting their head in their hand.
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Find freedom in being disliked

If you try to keep everyone happy, you’ll chase what you think people want rather than what’s true.

A still from The Simpsons, featuring a prison with a revolving door – people walk in and immediately find freedom.
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Embrace how little you can do

The fact that you can’t do everything gives meaning to the things you choose to do.

An honestly weird photo of a man with a severe middle-part hairstyle staring at you through a clear-glass clock.
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The way you describe your life will be the way you live it

Words help shape your world. The way you think will be the way you live.

A colourful painting of Indian philosopher Nāgārjuna with five snakes just hanging out on his shoulders.
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The six parts of self-esteem (and how to build them)

For a long time, I thought self-esteem was just something that happened to you. I was wrong.

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Changing your life means giving up parts of yourself

To deal with depression, I needed to let go of the part of myself that thought I was managing by myself.

A lino-print of a bearded man truly losing his mind in bed.